About Bermuda Climate
There is no rainy season as such, although the winter months tend to see more rain in the evening hours. Humidity rises considerably during mid-summer, but all offices and shops are air-conditioned and comfortable. A steady and cooling breeze is evident year round, and temperatures rarely rise above mid 80o, nor do they usually fall below the mid 50o  range.

Monthly Average Daily Temperatures *
January 18C (65F) July  29C (85F)
February 18C (65F)  August 30C (86F)
March 18C (65F) September 29C (85F)
April  21C (70F) October 26C (79F)
May 25C (75F) November 23C (74F)
June  27C (80F) December 21C (70F)

* These temperatures reflect average mid-day temperatures. It is important to bear in mind that it is quite cold in the mornings and evenings during the months of December to March inclusive. We suggest you bring approximately 50% of your lighter winter or spring clothing with you. The humidity intensifies both the warmer and colder temperatures. This is especially important considering you will probably be on a motorbike for transportation. A windproof and insulated jacket is essential, along with a rain jacket. Warm gloves and a scarf are also ideal for motorbikes in the winter months