About Bermuda Clothing
Office wear for women is varied, but the emphasis is on looking stylish and professional. Wool suits will be too warm for all but perhaps one month, and as such are not suggested. In the winter months you may find it necessary to wear a slightly heavier weight of clothing such as a cotton or silk-blend sweater. A good wardrobe would consist of many interchangeable outfits (skirts & blouses), perhaps with coordinating blazers. Trousers may be worn, if care is taken that the outfit does not appear too casual. Open-toed sandals are not acceptable for the office but are fine for after hours casual wear.

Smart casual wear is acceptable in most restaurants during the day. In the evening many of the same restaurants or clubs require a jacket or jacket & tie for gentlemen. As a more conservative island, Bermuda’s dress code extends to beach wear and casual street wear. Topless sunbathing is not permitted, and gentlemen are not permitted to walk or jog in public without a shirt.